A Thanksgiving Feast for Under $30

Get all your essentials—from turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie—while giving your wallet something to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving celebrations might be smaller this year, but even a modest gathering can get expensive fast. Thankfully, you can create a gorgeous holiday feast at an unbeatable price this year. You can buy must-have Thanksgiving staples like turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for under $30 with ALDI—and bring things up a notch with these small, easy twists.

The Star of the Show: One Glorious Turkey with Fixings

Roasting a perfect turkey is easier than you think, especially when you start with a pre-brined turkey.


Pull the bird out of the fridge an hour before you plan to start. It won’t reach room temperature, but taking the chill off will help it cook evenly.
Keep the seasoning simple with staples you may already have at home —just chunks of carrots, celery and onion—and remember to remove the bag of giblets!
Have some fresh garlic and dried spices like rosemary, thyme, or ground sage on hand? Make a quick herb butter to rub underneath and on the skin before it goes into the oven. (Garlic-herb butter does double-duty, too: set aside a few tablespoons to brush on Hawaiian sweet rolls later.)
When the bird’s done roasting, tent it with foil and let it rest for at least 30 minutes before carving. That gives you plenty of time to focus on the fixings!
Herb or cornbread bagged stuffing comes perfectly seasoned, but you can jazz it up by gently softening diced onion, carrot, and celery in butter before you add the stuffing mix to the pan. Add some chopped nuts—think walnuts or pecans—for a crunchy contrast.
Transform the turkey drippings into a simple pan gravy thickened with flour. Elevate the flavor with a splash or two of apple cider, or white wine if you already have a bottle at home. Don’t forget to scrape the pan well when you add the liquid to incorporate all those yummy browned bits!

Classic Sides That Make the Holiday

What’s Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and a green vegetable?


Homemade cranberry sauce takes almost no effort, and you can make it days ahead of time—just simmer a bag of fresh cranberries with sugar and a generous splash of orange juice until the berries pop. If you’ve got fresh or ground ginger, add a little to the simmering berries for a delightful zing. (Before you start, set aside a generous handful of cranberries for the dessert pro tip below.)
For an easy sweet potato casserole with an irresistibly crunchy topping, bake whole spuds until tender, then scoop out the insides and mash with a beaten egg, a little sugar, butter, a glug or two of whole milk, and a splash of vanilla extract. Spread it into a greased baking dish and top with a streusel made with flour, brown sugar, melted butter, and chopped pecans. Bake until golden.
When the casserole comes out of the oven, place a dozen Hawaiian Sweet Rolls on a baking sheet, brush them with melted garlic-herb butter, and pop them in until they’re toasty and warm.
Every holiday table needs something green, and peas are kid-friendly, quick, and affordable. For the tastiest results, skip the saucepan and sauté them in a skillet. First, soften some finely chopped onion in butter, then add frozen sweet peas straight from the bag. Cover and let the peas heat through, then taste—add a little sugar and a generous pinch of salt to really bring out the sweet pea flavor. For an extra flourish, stir in some grated lemon zest.

The Perfect Finish

If there’s one dessert that screams Thanksgiving, it’s pumpkin pie. With the right ingredients, making one from scratch is as easy as, well, pie.


For the best flavor and texture, bake the pie on Thanksgiving morning, before the turkey goes into the oven.
Once you’ve filled your pie crust with the filling, opt for a decorative crust to make it special. Roll out the second pie crust and cut it into thin, even strips. Braid three strips together neatly and repeat until you have enough to go around the edge of the pie crust. Attach the braids with beaten egg or water.
While the pie bakes, prepare a jewel-toned garnish with the cranberries you set aside earlier. Make a simple sugar syrup and dunk the berries, then spread them out on a cooling rack for an hour, until they’re dry but sticky. Roll them in more sugar, and voila: sugared cranberries.
No self-respecting pie would go out without a topping, so make some cinnamon-scented homemade whipped cream with heavy whipping cream, sugar, a small splash of vanilla extract, and a dash of cinnamon.
Top each slice of pie with a dollop of cinnamon whipped cream and a few sugared cranberries.

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