Trump: Doctors Told Him His ‘Lungs Are A Little Bit Different’ Due To Covid

Trump has said his lung scans showed “congestion,” but he claimed he never had trouble breathing, despite being treated with supplemental oxygen.


President Donald Trump revealed Thursday night that doctors had told him his lungs looked “a little bit different” when he was hospitalized for coronavirus, an infection he claims to have now completely gotten over.

Key Facts

Trump said at an NBC town hall Thursday night that he was feeling “nothing whatsoever” in terms of coronavirus symptoms after he had to be hospitalized earlier this month for Covid-19.

During a three-day hospital stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Trump said that doctors noticed “the lungs are a little bit different,” and that “they’re perhaps infected.”

Trump also said he “didn’t feel strong” when he was taken to Walter Reed on Oct. 2, saying “I had a little bit of a temperature.”

White House Dr. Sean Conley had said that Trump’s lung scans yielded “expected findings” without elaborating further.

Trump has said his lung scans at Walter Reed showed “congestion,” but he claimed he never had trouble breathing, despite the fact he was treated with supplemental oxygen.

Key Background

Thursday night’s town hall was supposed to be a town hall-style debate between Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but Trump refused to agree to a virtual debate after his positive coronavirus test. A coronavirus infection is known to impact the lungs especially, in some cases causing permanent scarring.


Town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie also continually pushed Trump on whether he took a Covid test the day of the first presidential debate, Sept. 29, just two days before Trump announced his positive Covid test. Trump said he wasn’t able to answer the question since he gets tested so often, at one point saying he “probably did” take a test the day of the debate, while also saying “and I took a test the day before and the day after.” But when pressed by Guthrie, Trump said “I don’t know” whether he took a test the day of the debate.

Forbes — Nicholas Reimann contributed to this report.

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