America is broken. Our Democracy is broken.

Where is Humanity?

Too much Hate. Too much Greed. Sad and Sickening!!

See Something Bad? Build Something Good!!

Stop the fake trolls, trash, evil and corruption that is breaking the country.

Unprecedented challenges call for unprecedented solutions and "Real Heroes"

Good America is our call to serve "America" and "Humanity"

What matters the most?

!! Facts !!

There is so much information everywhere.
Some are real, most are fake.
We are committed to do the best for America and the World.

AI for Good. Technology for Good. The Good Network. The Real Network.

Save Democracy from Conspiracies!!

Good America

For America. By America. Made in America.

Quarantine Love — Built by a lone prodigy veteran engineer who cares!!

Started as a "Social Media Project" to fight the "TROLLS" of 2016 Election
⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓
The "Good Network" "Real Network" of Quarantine and Election 2020

TROLLS have taken over the Trollbooks. Our democracy is broken. We cannot fight where the trolls are, too big to fix, forced to build our own.


The world need us now more than ever!!

From Wall Street and Silicon Valley to "The Streets of Skid Row and Subways" —

Born into a family of "Proud A+ Leaders", generations of ancestors who ran the Villages of South Asia, enforcing law and order, and fighting for those who couldn't fight back in British India.
Our familty lost our wealth to British India, but the pride, values, and leadership run strong in our blood.
Equality, justice, and liberty matters for all regardless of race, religion, nationality, color, sex, and age.

I'm deeply disappointed by all that's happening now, where we are as a country is sick.
I was preaching the "value of real life" all my life.
A technology "prodigy" with three+ decades of coding, grew up thinking smart as Gates, female version of Gates to disrupt the tech space, compassionate as Mother Teresa, strong as iron ladies.
Traded my Astronaut dreams for fintech, no patience to wait forever and ever.
Big bold dreams till I knew this world better; nothing made sense after.
I couldn't "pimp my way to fame", started living, "being my own hero".

I quit Wall Street and Silicon Valley after 15+ years to build a better world.
MIT was the last straw. I went to MIT to build a fintech but started Good America and Bellaland.
"The world doesn't need another fintech".
Roaring stocks, rockets, and space are less appealing when millions on earth are suffering.

I worked for all these firms, yet peace is nowhere to be found.

Microsoft, HP, Bank of New York, Bloomberg, Barclays, Citi, New York Mercantile Exchange, KPMG, Mckinsey & Company, State of New York, Washington, Illinois, Iowa, Philadelphia, Chevron, Verizon, Pfizer, John Deere, and more.
After 15+ years of living and working everywhere, I quit with almost "nothing" saying "enough".
A broken hermit for almost all my life, no friends, no family (own), nothing but a machine used and disappointed.
A minimalist, cool Forrest Gump who lived and worked everywhere —
Me, My laptop, and My Motorcycle.

Rather than "take a knee", I rode my motorcycle into the woods far away from insanity and no perfect man to stop me :)

My challenge is not getting a seat at the table but finding people who are not guilty as hell to sit at my table.
Sucking up to fame and power is not in my blood.
Gave up on "fake world" after four+ decades for a "real life" —
A life of quest for peace, freedom, happiness, and service.

~ Better World Bella ~

We are only as strong as our weakest communities

When they suffer, we suffer.
Don't Hoard. Give Back.
We take nothing we we leave forever.
Make it count.

Call for Heroes and Good Ones —

Rise and Shine.

Humanity First. Humanity Matters.
Sign up. Nominate someone you know.

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We know the Pain!!

We know the pain of looted dreams and stolen lives.

Join us. Stronger together!!

“We are committed to working with local, state and federal officials to better serve America.”

No one is alone. Stronger together.

If you need help, contact us.

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— Good Americans —

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